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Steinway Piano Gallery Little Rock/Fayetteville offers the best professional piano tuning services in Arkansas. We have 6 professional piano tuners. Each of our tuners has worked closely with Stephen Wirges (owner) to receive the best training possible. Every piano is important to us. Being welcomed into your home to tune your piano is not something we take lightly. Pianos are special instruments that quickly become an important part of your family. Taking care of your instrument is something we take seriously. We appreciate every opportunity to tune and service your piano. We want your piano to sound its best, and we work hard to make that happen.

Piano tuning is one of our most popular services at Steinway Piano Gallery Little Rock/Fayetteville because having a great sounding piano is a priority for our customers. Pianos are engineered and designed to be played on a regular basis and in climate controlled areas, so tunings should be scheduled regularly. Pianos that are used in performance halls and venues are tuned before each event, but personal pianos should be tuned twice a year. We will adjust the strings to spec, and they will play at the correct pitch each and every time. 

If you have any questions about your piano's pitch you can always count on Steinway Piano Gallery Little Rock/Fayetteville to give you an honest answer regarding its playability.

Piano tuning or pitch correction services should only be done by our professionals at Steinway Piano Gallery Little Rock/Fayetteville. This will save you time and effort as we have been tuning pianos for decades in Arkansas and have perfected our process.

Steinway Piano Gallery Little Rock/Fayetteville is here for all of your piano tuning needs in Arkansas, and we look forward to serving you and your family. Ready to get started? Contact our piano tuning service department today by phone or completing the form below.

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